It's Klarstein's birthday!

Klarstein has been going strong for 8 years now. 8 years of dedicated work by our team on relevant topics related to home, enjoyment, comfort and innovation. This has resulted in numerous products for the kitchen and household that make our everyday lives easier and, on top of that, put the fun back into cooking, baking and feasting - time and time again. To mark the occasion, we've picked out our 8 favourite categories for you so you can celebrate our brand birthday with us in style. This much we can reveal: The focus here is on enjoyment!

We like to toast with cold drinks from ...

#1 Klarstein wine refrigerators

Be it a refreshing white or aromatic red wine, a sparkling prosecco or a light rosé: perfectly chilled, properly stored and attractively presented, our favourite wines are ready at hand in Klarstein's wine refrigerators for a hearty "Cheers!" at the birthday dinner. Available in a wide range of sizes and designs, we have the right model for every home.​​

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#2 Klarstein beer brewing sets

For those of us who prefer something more tangy and down-to-earth, our Klarstein beer brewing sets are the pick of the hour. Brew whatever tastes good: malty stout, classic wheat beer and full-bodied dark beer are just some of the many varieties that can be created here for your "beer after four". So let's toast each other both before and after the meal when it's time to say: Happy Birthday, Klarstein!​​

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Our favourite treats are those made with​​

#3 Klarstein kitchen appliances

When it comes to dough, hobby gourmets and connoisseurs with an eye for convenience can't do better than our Klarstein kitchen appliances. Kneading dough by hand is a thing of the past: Whip up delightfully fluffy pizza bases, crusty bread and hearty quiches at the touch of a button - using all the whisking tricks of the trade. And so, here we have the main course of our birthday banquet. Bon appetit!

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#4 Klarstein hot air fryers

Nothing beats delicious side dishes made to be savoured. And in this case without even needing to feel bad about it: Thanks to our Klarstein hot air fryers, we can prepare crispy potato wedges, juicy fish fillets or al dente vegetable variations without any oil at all. Mmmm! Calls for more, doesn't it?

To our hot air fryers

We love desserts and snacks made with ...

#5 Klarstein food processors

Fancy a dessert? Who would say no to that! Creamy fruit bowls, sweet compote and layered fruit purée with chia seeds or crumbles are easy to make with our powerful Klarstein food processors. Highly customisable to suit everyone's taste, all you still need is the topping to crown a delicious jubilee.

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#6 Klarstein food dehydrators

Of course, our appetite for culinary delights does not end with the dessert. Snack better and dry it yourself, we say! We've all been there: sitting together after a festive dinner and looking back - on the past 8 years in our case - clinking glasses a couple more times and enjoying a few nibbles along the way. Again without any qualms, by the way, because our Klarstein food dehydrators preserve the vitamins of our favourite fruit as well as their flavour. Small tip: If there is any dessert left over, use this to scrape it out.

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We like to relax in the cosy warmth of...​

#7 Klarstein infrared wall heaters

Sated and happy, it's time to hit the sofa! We'll just take the dried snacks along with us. For extra cosy warmth, we simply switch on one of our heat-emitting paintings. Controllable conveniently and smartly via the Klarstein app, our Klarstein wall heaters in the most beautiful picture designs provide unobtrusive, targeted heat without drying out the air.

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#8 Klarstein heated blankets

If you want to snuggle up on top of that, wrap a Klarstein electric blanket around you. And if you spill some wine or snacks - don't worry! Our cosy and warm marvels can easily be washed in the washing machine. That makes snacking all the better, doesn't it? Now it's time to relax and enjoy the evening.

To our electric blankets

On that note: We look forward to the next 8 years!​

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