On your marks! Get set! Bottoms up!

Expedition to the beer kingdom

The anticipation of balmy summer evenings in the beer garden, meeting with good friends to enjoy delicious food and a cold beer rises with every degree Celsius. Especially for those who start the open-air season well-prepared, because with Klarstein, making your own beer is not just a dream.

Skal Beer Dispenser - fresh on tap!

Because a freshly made beer simply tastes better than any beer from the bottle or can, owning a beer dispenser for is a must for the perfect barbecue. And since the look adds to the effect, the Skal is modeled after a true bar counter system.

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Skal Bierzapfanlage

Love your own beer

  Fresh beer from your own home brewery? Nothing easier than that. With the Klarstein mash boilers and fermenting systems, the production of your own barley juice is easy.

Mundschenk Mash Kettle - preparation is everything

The Mundschenk mash kettle provides a great complete package for preparing brew mash. A sieve insert and the grain containers make it very easy to remove the grains from the wort. With the drain tap, the transfer to the fermentation tank is very easy.

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Mundschenk Maischekessel

Maischfest Fermenting Kettle - Only the best of everything

Do you prefer your beer light or dark, your wine dry or sweet? The Maischfest fermenting kettle turns fresh wort into delicious beer and fruit juice into the best wine. There is something for every taste. Up to 25 litres can ripen peacefully in the large stainless steel boiler.

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Maischfest Fermentierkessel
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