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Heat like the pros with these 10 heating tips

In the cold months, heating is the main source of energy consumption in every household. Not only can it burn a hole in your pocketbook, it also causes carbon dioxide emissions that can be detrimental to the climate. Here’s the good news: with a few tips that can be easily implemented, you can consciously heat your home while at the same time significantly reducing energy consumption. We’ll show you how.

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Close the curtains and seal the windows

Especially with windows that are not brand new anymore, it is helpful and necessary to additionally seal them - for example with sealing tapes made of foam. Make sure you don’t give drafts a chance. In addition, closed shutters and curtains significantly reduce heat loss.

Find the ideal room temperature

It is worthwhile to find and set the optimum temperature for each room. While temperatures between 20-22 ° C are pleasant in the living room, a temperature of 17-18 ° C is enough to make you feel comfortable and create a restful sleep climate in the bedroom.

Use a thermostatic valve

Using a thermostatic valve can help keep the temperature in a room constant in order to save energy. Depending on the ambient temperature, the valve will provide lower or higher flow.

Properly ventilate

Especially important for good air quality and the lowest possible humidity in the rooms is regular ventilation. Intermittent ventilation of about 5 to 10 minutes with completely open windows is recommended. Permanently tilted open windows is not recommended.

Don’t give mould a chance

In principle, mould is produced when the humidity in a living space is too high. This can be prevented in most cases by heating and regular ventilation. For cold exterior walls, care should be taken not to place pieces of furniture directly against the wall.

Heat even in your absence

If you are planning a holiday, it is better to turn down the heating to about 15 ° C than to turn it off completely. Turning the heat off would require significant energy to heat up the home again. There is also the threat of mould.

Adjust your clothes

It is very tempting to spend even the cold months in summer clothes. However, adequate clothing - for example, long trousers and winter pullovers - can save up to 20 percent of heating costs.

Keep the radiator clear

Radiators should always be kept free so that the heat in the rooms can be optimally distributed and not jammed. This applies to both furniture and curtains. Sofas should always have a minimum distance of about 20 cm to the heater.

Clean your heater

Dust does not just accumulate on furniture and on the floor. Therefore, heaters must be cleaned regularly. But this is not purely for aesthetic reasons: dust has an insulating effect and weakens the heating effect.

Cover heating pipes

To avoid additional heating losses, the heating pipes can be easily covered with pre-slit insulating hoses. These are available in every hardware store and are a simple measure to take against the loss of heat.

With these ten tips, almost every home can become a warmer place. In addition, only one thing helps: cuddle to your heart’s content!

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