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It's not just about the unmistakable smell of the embers; barbecuing is a unique experience, to enjoy the company and conviviality of the moment, not forgetting that grilling is one of the healthiest ways you can cook food. Not only when it comes to meat, but also in for fish, cheese or vegetables. Are you looking forward to organising some great barbecues with your family or friends? Are you in doubt about buying your next barbecue grill and wondering which type is best for your intended use?

If you don't want to renounce to the pleasure of a tasty barbecue even when you're indoors, an electric grill is the best choice. It's perfect for use on balconies where you want to minimise smoke and odours. Thanks to its small size, you can take your electric grill wherever you go. Still, if you prefer a more traditional way of organising a barbecue, don't worry! At Klarstein you'll find a wide range of charcoal grills in different sizes, including portable, BBQs and bbq smokers, with or without wheels, equipped with handy accessories and designed for maximum performance, without ever having to compromise on design or functionality.

Our charcoal grills, for real bbq fans

Typically, a barbecue grill is characterised by a container, made of more or less resistant materials depending on whether it is a high-end or low-end model, to keep the embers burning. Bbq purists prefer using wood and charcoal, whose aroma adds a unique flavour to food. In addition to charcoal, which is easy to find but only provides high temperatures for a short time, briquettes made from compressed charcoal have become a popular alternative, providing greater stability and durability, and you can use them a second time if they are not completely burnt.

Barbecue grills with a lid allow you to speed up cooking times and make the most of the heat. Still, they must be lit well in advance, because before you start cooking you have to wait for the flame to drop and for the wood or charcoal to turn into embers: ignoring this simple rule can irreparably damage the flavour of the food. The main drawback that limits the use of charcoal barbecues is, however, the intense production of smoke and odours, especially when they are lit: this means that they can only be used outdoors, in gardens and open spaces, but not, for example, on your balcony, as condominium regulations usually expressly prohibit their use. What to do then?

BBQ on your balcony? Try our electric grills

It takes up little space, is small and functional, requiring only a plug socket to operate. Moreover, it produces very little smoke: an electric barbecue is by far the easiest to use anywhere and is perfectly suited for home and indoor use, even better if used with a cooker hood to keep the air healthy at all times. The heat, in this case, is produced by a heating element that becomes incandescent, and all you have to do to start grilling is turn on the switch, adjust the thermostat and wait a few minutes until the grill reaches the ideal temperature.

Although electric grills are a practical and generally economical solution, you should consider that they do not significantly alter the taste of the food. In some cases, this is an advantage, but in general, the final result in terms of taste, especially for meat, is not comparable to that of a traditional charcoal grill. Although the latest models allow more precise temperature adjustment, another factor to consider before buying an electric barbecue is the high power consumption of the device - often over 2000 watts - which makes it not ideal for long-cooking food. On the other hand, an electric barbecue needs relatively low investment and, as a small kitchen appliance, is a good alternative if you want to experiment a new way to cook a variety of foods in your everyday life.

What is a raclette grill?

Are you tired of the usual grilled meat, fish or something too traditional? How about trying a new raclette recipe? If you, like thousands of other people, have decided to experiment with this dish, it’s important to remember that you won't be able to cook a proper raclette using ordinary kitchen utensils: to do this, you will need the right raclette grill. Doing so, you will be safe and avoid the risk of disappointing your guests and wasting a lot of time. Thanks to this smart machine, your raclette will turn out just right, and you can enjoy the fantastic experience of cooking and eat directly at your table.

A raclette grill is a tabletop electric grill with which you can melt cheese; it comes equipped with several paddles in which you place the slices of cheese which are then served melted on the plate. Most of these grills have a plate at the top on which you can heat the various condiments to be served with the cheese, like vegetables and meat, for example. Raclette grills are suitable for everyone and come in sizes that are ideal for couples, smaller sizes that are very convenient if you have limited space, and bigger variants that can serve 6-8 people; for this reason, they are just perfect for dinners with relatives or parties with your friends.

Which barbecue grill to choose?

The answer depends on the budget available, the result you are aiming for, and above all the conditions of the place where you are grilling. When you are in open spaces, using a traditional charcoal bbq certainly offers the thrill of authentic grilling with unparalleled results, but in addition to longer preparation and ignition times, more complex logistics and a certain amount of experience are required to manage the ignition phase in the best possible way and maintain the ideal temperature of the embers during cooking.

For their part, gas devices are decidedly easy to use, more discreet in terms of smoke and odour emissions and among the easiest to clean after use. However, they are a different approach to grilling, and in the eyes of true bbq fans, they do not offer the same experience and result as a traditional wood-fired grill. Finally, an electric grill is generally reasonably priced, offers maximum flexibility of use and is easy to transport, but its performance is certainly not comparable to charcoal grills. Also, the tiny surface area of electric grill limits its use to situations with few people and where you don't have to do much cooking.

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