Lucia Argentea Stand Mixer

Grey , 1300 watt , 5 Ltr
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Top features

Very quiet, powerful food processor/kneading machine with1300W max.

Includes meat mincing attachment

Includes mixing glass attachment with 1.5 litre volume

6-step adjustable speed

5 litre, rust-free, stainless steel bowl for preparing up to2 kg of dough

Various attachments for meat and pasta

Fast chucks for die holder

Easy to operate and clean

Product description

he Klarstein Lucia Argenteais a multi-functional foodprocessor that features a stir and knead module as well as a meat mincer andmixing bowl.

The most conventional element of the Klarstein foodprocessor is its stirring and kneading section. Thanks to its stirring hook,egg whisker and kneading hook you can get creative with a range of recipe ideasfrom airy beaten egg whites to sensuous biscuits. You can also set the mixingspeed to suit the particular ingredients you’re working with.

The food processor also features various attachments forcreating a wide range of different foods such as minced meat, pasta andcookies. The Klarstein Lucia Argentea’s range of features is rounded offer with aglass mixer attachment for making shakes, smoothies and almost anything elsethat involves crushing food or groceries.

Visually, the Klarstein food processor stays clear of thetypical boring, functional design tradition and adopts an effortlesscombination of functionality and a stylish look and feel.

Its meat mincer and mixing glass have been designed asmodules for easy set up and dismantling so you can have a multi-functionaldevice in a relatively small space.

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Properties & dimensions

  • Die-cast mixing hook – consistent mixing even with largeramounts of dough
  • Die-cast kneading hook – e.g. for tough dough’s such asyeast or bread dough
  • Egg whisker for egg whites or biscuit dough
  • Planetary mixing system
  • Removable, see-through mixing bowl cover
  • Fuse
  • Release mechanism for multifunctional arm – tilts up foreasy access to bowl cover and attachment
  • Tough, special gears – constant performance throughload-dependent speed regulation
  • Suction feet for sturdiness
  • Glass mixing glass attachment with scale
  • Power supply: 230V, 50Hz
  • 23 x 64 x 48cm (W x H x D; with all attachments)
  • 23 x 38 x 35cm (W x H x D; without meat mincer and mixer)
  • Weight: 11kg

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Lucia Argentea Stand Mixer Meat Mincer Mixer 1300W - Silver

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What will be delivered
  • 1 x device
  • 1 xstainless steel bowl
  • 1 x doughhook
  • 1 x stirringhook
  • 1 x whisk
  • 1 x English user manual

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Customer reviews

Tested review

If you think you are going to buy quality just because you are buying from a German company... think again. Klarstein is the worst German company I have had to deal with, and has left me wholly disappointed. In October 2019 I purchased the Lucia Rossa Stand Mixer. The item arrived with an obvious defect which the company provided a small refund on. Despite using the device less than 10 times in a year, within a year the device had developed a hazardous fault - when in operation it was grinding pieces of plastic which then fell onto the mixing bowl itself. Originally, I thought a company of Klarstein's stature would resolve the problem appropriately and reassure my trust in them: after all this was both a health hazard and a technical flaw under warranty. I approached Klarstein in late November 2020 about the fault and they advised me to wait until after BREXIT is completed to return the item, because of fears with BREXIT regulations. In January 2021, I sent them the item expecting a replacement. After several days had passed with no confirmation or communication, I decided to approach the company myself on the 9th of February, as my tracking number was showing that the item had received. I had to chase the company to verify the item had been received, and from that point the nightmare begun: Klarstein told me that they no longer send replacement items to the UK, against the advice they gave me before BREXIT. They supposedly issued a refund to my old debit card, which my bank is still trying to trace and reimburse me. What is appalling is how cold, ruthless and hostile the company has become following that point, treating me with contempt and with an accusatory tone: they had done their part, everything else was my fault and/or responsibility! They refused on several occasions to log a complaint, because their company does "not have a complaints procedure". They are hiding behind BREXIT and the new complications in consumer law to provide disgraceful customer support. It is not the 6th of April 2021, and I have yet to receive the funds in my account. The company is asking me to solve this problem with my bank, which I am trying to. I approached the UK European Consumer Centre, which is the authority able to resolve complaints, and a complaint has been lodged both with them, as well as with my bank's Cards Dispute.

In short:
Bad quality products, potentially hazardous.
Non-existent customer support.
Company has no complaints department or procedure.
Company does not honour warranty obligations.
If you need a refund, you are on your own. Several other customers have confirmed that the company is slow and cumbersome with refunding customers. I am not alone. There is a growing body of evidence of disappointed British customers. This is not a coincidence, or a one-off.

They will hide behind the safety that BREXIT gives them to provide excuses. Yet, they still take orders on their British website with impunity.

Do yourself a favour and find another product from another company. Don't take chances. Klarstein does not value your custom and they will try to find a way to screw you. You are better off burning your money.

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