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Professional jug blender for the kitchen - healthy living made easy

Professional blenders are not only becoming more and more popular, but are also becoming more than just a simple life decision. Eating healthy can be so easy with a professional smoothie blender. It is important to pay attention to the blender's quality before buying. Besides power, the quality of the blender blades also plays an important role. If you want to buy a blender, then get yourself a real professional blender from our range.

Different blenders for smoothies and more

Those wishing to make smoothies and benefit from them often settle for cheap basic equipment, only to then be disappointed. No wonder, since these devices are often unable to perfectly process smoothies or other dishes. They lack both the power required and blades with adequate cutting ability. In contrast, our high-performance blenders excel in these areas and are therefore able to safely cut tough ingredients. This is important, because it means that the blender can be used not only for mixed drinks and smoothies, but also for many other products, e.g. sauces or marinades.

Many settings - easy handling glass jug blender

It's easy to claim that a professional blender is the best blender out there. But not every blender can prove itself in any area of use. There are many criteria for choosing the perfect mixer. One of these has to be the volume of the shaker. If you want to make different smoothies and mixed drinks for yourself only, you can use a blender with a small shaker. Families, however, should choose a version with a minimum capacity of 1.5 litres. Also, the various settings are quite helpful and offer the option of achieving different consistencies at the touch of a button. This saves work and time and also ensures a consistently reproducible, perfect result.

Professional blender with more options

Another option in our shop are the different versions of our Klarstein Airakles vacuum blender. It works using a very special mechanism:  before mixing and puréeing the ingredients, the air is pumped out of the shaker by a vacuum pump. Hence, the chopped fruits and vegetables do not react with the oxygen, thus preserving their vitamins and freshness. For smoothies, this mode of preparation offers another advantage. Because there is no air mixed into the smoothie, it makes the drink even more creamy and flavourful.

Combination offers from Klarstein professional blender range

Of course, we don't just offer customers high-performance professional blenders; we also offer them in various combination offers. So, among other things, you can buy the Herakles 8G Kitano Power Blender with a practical and extensive blade set. This allows you to prepare the fruits, vegetables and other ingredients quickly and easily, before adding them to the smoothie blender. Make the smoothie blender's work as easy as possible, while benefiting from the raw power of the high-performance blenders. Ingredients and ice cubes are crushed evenly by the strong blades and are perfectly processed. If you want to buy a powerful blender, you will find the perfect selection for every need and every kitchen!

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