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Kitchen Blender: the masterful kitchen aids all-round talents

With Klarstein's blender, you can make soups, smoothies, purées and crushed ice in an instant. The razor-sharp blades cut up fruits, vegetables, nuts and spices in no time at all, and can help you make delicious drinks or meals! Whether you are chopping, puréeing or mincing, the high number of rotation means that the blender is up to any task and can handle any ingredient. It has a mind-blowing range of functions: while some of them can simultaneously cook ingredients while mixing.

Thanks to their integrated heating elements - e.g. to make delicious soups and purées - our kitchen mixers are enable you to take your shaker along with your freshly made creations straight away. There are no limits to culinary creativity. There are so many shakes, pesto or soups to try. If you are really keen on experimenting, you can even grind grain or sunflower seeds to make your own flour.

Before you choose a blender, you should first determine the performance level and functionality that you expect from these future kitchen aids. If you want to make smoothies, you should focus on ice crusher functionality, as you want to be able to crush both ice cubes and frozen fruits. There are now many different versions that meet every need, be it the ability to chop nuts, make a mousse, or prepare sauces for filler tubes so you can add ingredients without splashing. When shopping, pay attention to whether or not the models meet your individual requirements. Also, don't underestimate cleaning. If you want to start the blender several times a week, you shouldn't get a high maintenance model. In the meantime, many containers are also dishwasher-safe; it doesn't get any easier than this!

Safe operation, Intuitive and health-aware - Klarstein blenders

Our blenders are particularly safe to operate: thanks to their integrated safety function, they can only be put into operation when closed. With their BPA-free plastic casing, they are an essential accessory for the vitamin-rich and healthy diet of the whole family. For example, the Herakles 3G blender offers everything the smoothie lover desires. Food or ice cubes are minced, and delicious smoothies are conjured up in an instant. A 2-litre jug can fill several glasses. Equally important is the integrated heat protection, in case the blender has to process tougher foods for a prolonged period of time.

Their ease of use makes Klarstein's kitchen blenders particularly appealing. The speed and mixing program can be set individually via touch panels and stepless controls. A discreet LED light illuminates the fitting and emphasises the modern design of the Klarstein kitchen blender. It makes daily mixing twice as fun!

Green smoothie maker lifestyle

For several years, the green smoothie trend has been making its way from the United States around the globe. Those who value a healthy diet cannot avoid green smoothies. With Klarstein's high performance and turbo blenders, you can break down the cell structure of fruits and green leafy vegetables and release the high concentration of nutrients. Klarstein's Green Smoothie Blender actively supports easy preparation and makes a healthy diet varied and simple. The advantage? This smoothie is a pure vitamin bomb. Easily digestible, super-healthy and delicious!

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