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Hot air fryer - the healthy way to fry

Fried foods such as french fries, and breaded foods such as fish fingers, chicken nuggets or baked bananas are considered some of the most tempting dishes not just by children. The shared characteristic of these dishes is their preparation process using lots of hot fat or oil, which do not have a great reputation regarding their health effects. The hot air deep fryer puts a stop to this method of preparation and fries in a healthy manner while using nearly no fat. With its help, not only can you prepare lots of crunchy fried dishes in a healthy way, but also produce many other dishes in a healthy and delicious manner.

It comes with impressive advantages as helpful kitchen appliance that should not be missing from any kitchen. The air fryer is not a traditional deep fryer, since the preparation process has little in common with traditional frying. The secret is preparation using hot air, which is created in no time at all without the need for pre-heating by using an innovative heating element. Using ventilation technique, the hot air is spread evenly and circulated inside the deep fryer.

Thanks to this method, the hot air deep fryer only requires minimal amounts of fat and oil (e.g. a small teaspoon) for specific dishes. Fried and breaded dishes nevertheless turn out golden brown and delightfully crispy. The trend shows that more and more households are saying goodbye to their traditional deep fryer and replacing it with a hot air fryer for low-fat dishes. In addition, many other methods of preparation can be employed, such as cooking, simmering and steaming vegetables, meat, fish or seafood, with the cooking juices remaining in the deep fryer instead of evaporating. Equipped with a grill, gridiron, griddle and baking functionality, the hot air deep fryer is moreover able to roast, grill, thaw and roast, and is therefore able to replace your stovegrill and oven.

Air fryer reviews: Deep frying, simmering, baking, grilling - the health fryer and its advantages

With a space-saving and relatively small design, the hot air deep fryer proves to be a highly effective multifunction device. Some devices include programmable automated programs, which prepare dishes such as french fries, steaks, kebab, pizza, bread rolls and cake right on the dot and in perfect quality. In case there is little time, or your hunger needs to be satisfied quickly, a device with a quick cooking program prepares numerous delicacies within a few minutes, without using any fat or oil. The hot air deep fryer comes with countless advantages. Prime advantage is its ability to fry, simmer, grill, roast and bake a wide range of different meals in a healthy manner without using oil or fat. With little effort, countless different meals, dishes and complete menus can be prepared perfectly. On top, the hot air deep fryer is a more efficient device regarding energy use and time requirements than a baking oven for instance. Thanks to an integrated timer functionality and special programs, cooking becomes a virtually passive activity. A signal tone and/or the device display notify you once the meal is ready. After preparation, the deep fryer is easy to clean and impresses with its low maintenance requirements. Whether for singles, couples, or families with children, the hot air deep fryer is a true treasure for meal preparation in any household. In addition it also suitable for people who consciously value a healthy diet or have to follow specific dietary requirements. This make it ideal for people such as diabetics or those trying to lose weight.

Buying air fryers online - which features are important?

Hot air deep fryers come in a variety of models with different performances, functionalities, program selections and extras. Those looking to buy one online should keep certain features in mind. These include the performance level, the required fillable volume, the temperature range, the configuration options and the hot air deep fryer's ease of use. Depending on which meals are your personal favourites to create, or whether you are planning to create countless different dishes, you should accordingly look for a deep fryer with the required range of functionalities. Another important point is which required accessories such as a griddle, grill cage, griddle pan, skewers, tub or tongs are included in the order or available separately. In our online shop you can find an extensive range of products for a high performance hot air deep fryer as well as the corresponding equipment. The Klarstein VitAir products come in attractive, stylish and futuristic designs and a high product quality with interesting functionalities and practical accessories. Exacting quality and innovative technology need not be expensive however, since here you can buy your desired hot air deep fryer at a low price and immediately begin frying, grilling and baking in a healthy way and enjoying delicious fat-free or low-fat dishes.

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