Vinsider 35D Wine Refrigerator

Silver , 128 Ltr , 41 , 47 dB
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Vinsider 35D Wine Refrigerator

Top features

Built-in wine refrigerator with 128 litres for 41 wine bottles

Two programmable cooling zones for different types of wine

Six removable wooden inserts for flexible segmentation

Stainless steel door with stainless steel handle and touch control section and LCD display

Large, double-insulated glass panoramic and switchable LED interior lighting

Product description

The Klarstein Vinsider 35D wine refrigerator is a refined wine cellar, which has chosen to be not merely a storage space but rather a magnificent stage for holding up to 41 bottles of wine.

With a large double-glazed panorama door, the wine refrigerator tastefully advertises the contents of its interior. In conjunction with the otherwise dignified appearance, the device is well-suited for exposed installation in gastronomic establishments, wine shops and bacchanalian events of all kinds.

With an adjustable temperature range of 5 ° to 22 °, different wines and preferences can be adequately cared for, while also leaving the option open to fill the wine fridge with other beverages. Two independent cooling zones allow the appropriate treatment of two different batches of wine. The device is operated via a touch-sensitive control section with backlit temperature display in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. Thanks to switchable white LED interior lighting, the wines contained are elegantly presented.

The unit comes with six removable wooden shelves, which allow a flexible segmentation of wine stocks and allow rapid access to the various wines.

Wine storage is particular. Many key factors affect the taste of a wine, two of which are cooling temperature and storage. A red wine is usually served in a temperature window between 12 and 18 ° Celsius while white and sparkling wines are served a few degrees cooler.

But different cooling zones cannot be set in a normal refrigerator, which is why a wine refrigerator is important. A wine cabinet has at least two independent cooling segments for which different temperatures may be set. This allows you to store both white and red wines in the same refrigerator, while allowing different wines to develop their own full flavour.

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Properties & dimensions

  • Temperature range: 5 ° - 22 ° C (upper zone)
  • Temperature range: 5 ° - 22 ° C (lower zone)
  • Mounting: may be installed
  • Temperature display
  • Door hinge may be mounted on both sides
  • Height-adjustable feet
  • Back cable storage
  • Power: 110W
  • Power supply: AC 220-240V, 50-60Hz
  • Overall dimensions: 59.2 x 88.5 x 56 cm (WxHxD)
  • Interior dimensions: 46.5 x 77 x 36.5 cm (WxHxD)
  • Cable length: about 1.75 m
  • Weight: about 45 kg

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Vinsider 35D Wine Refrigerator

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