Klarstein’s Microwaves: the best companion for your kitchen

Heating, defrosting and cooking food quickly, with considerable energy savings: a microwave is an excellent ally that offers countless advantages when time is short to cook any meals. Up until a few years ago, microwaves were considered an appliance that only served for heating liquids or some leftovers. Nowadays, microwave ovens have become an essential appliance in the kitchen, very useful in the preparation of numerous dishes, and often able to replace a traditional electric oven without any problems.

Thanks to technological developments in recent years, the range of products on offer includes models that go far beyond the traditional functions of a microwave. Microwaves that can also grill food and operate in convection mode for better internal heat distribution are now widely available. A state-of-the-art combination microwave with innovative features such as crisp cooking system will give you frying-like results.

How does a Microwave Oven work?

The operating principle of a microwave oven is based on electromagnetic radiation. Microwaves are generated by the magnetron, an internal thermionic valve. The contact between this radiation and the molecules of water, sugar and fat contained in the food causes the friction that generates the heat, that heats the food quickly. The result of microwave cooking is similar to boiling, with the advantage that nutrients are not lost in the water.

Contrary, cooking with a microwave oven is healthy because it uses the fats already present without adding more, and preserves the food’s nutrients. Thanks to the door’s shielding, no radiation escapes during cooking. Since the heat is generated inside the food being prepared, the container and the microwave walls do not get hot, thus eliminating the risk of burning.

Differences of a Built in Microwave and Freestanding Microwave

The two main categories of microwaves are freestanding and built in microwaves, depending on their kitchen position. Freestanding microwaves are ideal for placement on the kitchen worktop and can vary in size: often they are quite small, and ideal for use in small kitchens. The average capacity of a small microwave is around 20 litres, whilst larger models can exceed 40 litres. The choice of the best microwave to buy depends on the space available in your kitchen. As a tip, you should always leave at least 5 cm between the appliance and the walls to achieve optimal operation, and 30 cm above the microwave and microwave oven itself.

A built in microwave, such as the Klarstein Luminance Steam is designed to fit inside kitchen furniture. For this reason, its measurements are generally standard, with a width of 60 cm. Considering the increasing popularity of such devices, modern kitchens are often designed with a built in microwave in mind, offering greater functionality and capacity than a freestanding microwave.

Benefits when buying a Microwave on Klarstein

If you're short on kitchen space and you are looking for a versatile solution for preparing a variety of dishes using different cooking techniques, a modern combination microwave is the best choice. While the typical functions of a microwave are heating and defrosting food, a combination microwave offers a broader range of functions, easily selected from the control panel to precisely manage temperatures and cooking phases with different systems, thus ensuring the right consistency of the final product.

One of the main functions is the possibility of using the grill for the final browning of dishes, favouring the formation of that tasty crust typical of cooking in a traditional oven, starting from the interaction of the sugars and proteins present in the food. On the other hand, ventilation mode activates an internal fan that distributes hot air evenly, allowing food to be cooked quickly: the outside is dehydrated, but the inside remains soft and juicy, making it ideal for preparing lasagne and baked pasta, potatoes, roasts and fish. When the oven is equipped with an internal steamer, it is possible to use steam cooking, which is ideal for bakery and pastry, as it helps the dough to rise faster and to obtain crusts that are always crisp and golden.

On Klarstein you can find a wide range of microwave ovens and microwaves for sale. If you are short on space in your kitchen, one of our small microwaves, capable of delivering an excellent performance without taking up too much space on your countertop, might be the right choice. Alternatively, you can opt for one of our built in microwaves, some of which combine steamer and grill functions. All our products are produced with high-quality materials and offering long-term value for your money, as well as a two-year warranty and free return of orders within the first 60 days.

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