Gärkeller Fermenting Kettle 30 l Fermenting Tube Thermometer 304 Stainless Steel Without yeast drain valve

Gärkeller Fermenting Kettle

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Top features

The brewmaster experience: surprise and delight friends and family with your own craft beer

The right size: 30 litres volume with embossed level scale in litres and gallons

Pressure equalisation: includes matching fermentation tube for pressure equalisation without opening the air seal

Product description

The universal helper for fermentation or storage: whether light or dark, dry or sweet, wine or beer, with the Klarstein Gärkeller fermenting kettle transforms fresh wort into delicious beer and fruit juice into the best wine!

Regardless of whether you are an entry-level winemaker or an experienced hobby brewer, the airtight Klarstein Gärkeller fermenting kettle can ferment barley or fruit juice in order to create beer or wine. Up to 30 litres of brewing goods can mature in peace in the large stainless steel kettle. Fixed clamps hold the lid securely on the fermentation vessel to ensure that it is airtight, and prevent any disturbance of the fermentation process. The supplied fermentation tube ensures the necessary pressure equalisation, without allowing oxygen to penetrate. Particularly useful is the conical shape of the boiler, in which the yeast collects on the bottom. The built-in drain tap is located above the cone, so that the yeast remains in the boiler when draining. As a result, it can then be easily removed to use for further brewing. An integrated thermometer also provides constant and reliable temperature monitoring, while the flexible rotating tapping arm guarantees clear beer release even when the yeast is above the level of the drain tap.

Of course, beer or wine could ripen in any other container, but the Klarstein Gärkeller fermentation kettle is made of taste-proof 304 stainless steel: this way, the fermentation process is always hygienic, because after use it is very easy to clean. Nothing gets in the way of enjoying your own craft beer or fruit wine!

Fresh beer from your own home brewery or wine from your own garden? Nothing could be easier: with the Klarstein Gärkeller mash kettle, your hobby brewery is complete. Bottoms up!

Please note that in Germany the brewing of beer must be reported to the relevant main customs office.

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  • Volume: 30 liters
  • Embossed level markings in litres and gallons
  • Drain tap for easy decanting / filling
  • Stainless steel cover with rubber seal for airtight fit
  • Acrylic plug for airtight fit of the fermentation tube
  • Handles for moving the boiler
  • Fermenting kettle for undisturbed fermentation of beer and wine
  • Conical kettle to clarify the beer and easy removal of the yeast
  • Secure stance by three non-slip feet
Gärkeller Fermenting Kettle 30 l Fermenting Tube Thermometer 304 Stainless Steel

Dimensions and Technical Details

  • Dimensions: approx. 33.7 x 69 cm (ØxH)
  • Inner dimensions kettle (without / with cone): approx. 31.9 x 43/53 cm (ØxH)
  • Weight: approx. 5.0 kg

What will be delivered

  • 1 x kettle
  • 1 x lid
  • 1 x fermentation tube with stopper
  • 1 x rotatable tapping arm
  • English-language manual (other languages: German, French, Spanish, Italian)

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