Electric blankets & heating pads


More comfort in the cold season with one of our electric blankets

Go to bed and find the ideal temperature to fall asleep and rest in the best way: this is what an electric blanket or and heated throw does: therefore when the summer is over, and before turning on the heating, an electric blanket can relieve the first seasonal cold.

Don't be taken by surprise when the coldest season arrives, and take advantage of the offers available on Klarstein, for a wide range of thermal blankets and heated throws available in various colours, to best suit the decor of your home.

Heated blankets and throws: which material to choose?

A thermal blanket is an extremely versatile product: you can use it in bed instead of the standard throw or duvet, or while lying on the sofa, even while travelling. There are, in fact, battery-powered models which operate at 12 volts and can also be powered by the car's cigarette lighter socket.

The features that most affect the price of electric blankets and throws are materials and models. The range is extensive, from polyester to cotton, from wool up to mixed fabrics. Wool products are the most expensive and in general, we advise to choose heating blankets made with natural materials because they guarantee substantially better breathability. However, most of the thermal blankets are made of synthetic fabrics, in which case it’s better to go for the softest possible material to make the most of your purchase. If you suffer from an allergy, it is preferable to choose a product made of hypoallergenic or antibacterial fabrics. The latter, if certified by the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 guarantee seal, prevent the deposit of mites and dust generated by electromagnetic fields.

How do electric blankets and heating pads work?

The basic principle for electric blankets or heating pads is the resistance of an electrical wire; in the case of a double electric blanket, each half has its electric wire with its own control.

Operation is simple but requires technological components that can manage the functions featured by the latest generation heated blankets, such as protection from excessive heating, variable power, automatic switch-off, etc.: this explains the considerable differences in price and reliability between the models of the various brands.

Electric blankets and heating pads can be hand-washed, or machine washed, depending on the model and the material. It is always a good idea to read the instruction manual of each model carefully to understand how they can be washed safely, making sure the circuits and the fabric are not damaged. Spending a few minutes to read the instruction manual will let you know some unknown function or learn something to avoid problems with the new product.

Why should you use a warming blanket?

The benefits of using a thermal blanket are primarily economic, practical and for your health. By heating the bed with an electric blanket or throw, you can lower the room temperature and save on heating costs while enjoying the warmth under the blankets. The same is also true in other rooms in the house, for example in the sofa in front of the TV: with a warming blanket you can keep yourself warm even when the heating is off.

Modern bed warmers, even the cheapest ones, nowadays ha features that make them practical, easy to use and above all, safe: among them, a timer for automatic switch-off, silent controls, preheating functions, overheating protection, the choice of different materials and colours, washable, warranty and dual control for king-size models. There are many good reasons to use an electric blanket, which will allow you to:

  • enjoy that wonderful feeling of going to sleep in a warm bed. An electric blanket is an excellent alternative to a heater to avoid suffering cold when sleeping
  • use less energy and save on heating costs
  • keep yourself warm in cold rooms without needing bulky duvets or heavy blankets
  • reduce the pain associated with sore muscles, arthritis, back pain and fibromyalgia
  • manage the individual comfort of two people in the same bed, with a double electric blanket, when it’s equipped with dual control
  • rest better in a cool room while remaining warm in bed
  • reduce allergies and sinusitis problems

Are warming blankets safe? Some dos and don’ts

Modern thermal blankets are very reliable: if you take trivial and straightforward precautions, they are no more dangerous than any other household appliance. All brands of bed warmers provide recommendations for the safe use of their product, but general indications can be given as follows:

  • do not use electric blankets with young babies or children, or with people who cannot use the controls properly and independently
  • do not run the electrical cable between the mattress and the bed base: rubbing the electric cable may damage it and make it dangerous
  • avoid using the electric blanket on reclining beds that can grip the controls or pinch the electric wire
  • the electric blanket and the thermal mattress cover must not be used rolled up, but spread out well, to avoid damaging the internal wire
  • do not use the bed warmer in the presence of animals; a sharp claw or tooth may pierce the insulation of the wire or damage the internal cable
  • avoid using sharp or pointed objects that could damage the thermal blanket
  • remember to turn off the device when not in use
  • never iron the warming blanket or heating throw
  • do not dry-clean it with solvents or other products that may deteriorate the fabrics
  • Do not use the mattress warmer with a water mattress
  • if you notice anything unusual when using the blanket, contact the manufacturer immediately
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