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This fan makes hot summer days pleasant!

Oppressively hot days and stiflingly hot nights make staying indoors unbearable. A fan is a sensible purchase that enables you to breathe better. Various fans get the air in the room moving, creating a cooling effect. Klarstein has fans for sale with various models in store which deliver an appropriate cooling effect for every room in the house!

What types of fans are there?

Distinctions are made according to design: Standing fan, pedestal fan and tower fan. Fans with a cylindrical design is also known as tube fan. In addition, wall fan, ceiling fan and table fan are also available. A portable fan is particularly well-suited for places with limited floor space.

Distinction is made according to the mechanics: In a standing fan, rotatable wings are mounted in a grid case. After the device is switched on, the wings rotate and provide fresh air. The room temperature remains the same objectively, but the air feels a few degrees cooler. You no longer have the feeling of stuffy, heavy indoor air.

With a tower or pedestal fan, however, air is sucked in at its rear and blown out again in the front. Some models allow for the selection of several modes, e.g. "normal", "natural" or "sleep". This creates a uniquely fresh breeze. The air flows over a large area, and can flow over greater spaces when using a device with a connectible oscillator function. In addition, this type of fan is quiet.

A radial fan looks like a drum. The air is sucked in via the motor axle and blown out again at a 90° angle to its original trajectory. A radial fan is very effective, especially when compared to conventional fans. The device operates quietly, but its space requirement is greater.

A fan with a remote control is particularly practical and comfortable, as it can be easily controlled from the desk or the sofa. Fan price with remote controls are available in different ranges from £53,99 to £53,99.

Technology and Design: What matters when buying a fan?

In principle, all device types can deliver a good cooling effect. Tower fans have a small footprint, and the cooling effect is very impactful, even at extremely high temperatures. Once the air flows out evenly, the room's calm atmosphere is maintained. Aesthetically, pedestal fans fit perfectly into a clear, functional environment. This model is also the right one for you if you prefer a modern but discreet design.

The classic room fan, on the other hand, carries a "retro-chic" vibe which looks very good in many apartments. It, too, is very effective, but you can feel the flapping of the wings more.

Klarstein's online shop offers a comprehensive selection; whether you're looking for a tube fan, radial fan, wall fan or fan with remote control, there is a fan for everyone here. It goes without saying that all the appliances are sophisticated and are products of quality workmanship.

Summer can come any time! By buying a fan from Klarstein, you'll be ready for anything!

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