Skyscraper Ice 4-in-1 Air Conditioner

White , 45 watt , 500 m³/h
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Skyscraper Ice 4-in-1 Air Conditioner

Product description

The 4-in-1 Skyscraper Ice air cooler from Klarstein dominates over its competitors both visually and technically, efficiently bringing fresh air into your rooms. The refreshingly unconventional housing is modeled on a gleaming white skyscraper, whose shape and colour support your desire for cool, fresh air and a gentle breeze. The functions of three devices are hidden in the space-saving tower, which cleverly combines fan, air cooler and humidifier in one device. Measuring at only 28cm at its thickest point, the pedestal fan fits easily into small nooks and crannies. The modern exterior makes it ideal for use in an office or living room, but its appearance is still optically neutral enough to make it fit easily into even classic environments.

The fan blows fresh air in three speeds to provide cooling in warm areas. A switchable oscillation moves the upper two-thirds of the Klarstein Skyscraper in a 180-degree angle from left to right and then back again, rotating. This movement also makes optimal use of the the air mass of space. To meet all of your needs, the fan can be set to a night and natural mode in addition to its normal operation. In the night mode, the fan moves down to the next lower speed and then finally switches off in 30-minute intervals. The natural mode creates a natural ebb and flow of air speed, modeled after the wind.

To improve its refreshing effect, the air cooling unit also has a switchable air cooler and humidifier. Via a 6-litre water tank, the intake air is cooled by evaporation and then moisturised. Two included cooling packs can further lower the water temperature and thus significantly increase the cooling efficiency. Both packs last for four hours each, before they need to be chilled again in the freezer. In addition to the air cooling, the Skyscraper features an ionisation / air cleaning function. The intake air is first filtered to remove dust and dirt particles, and then ionised to eliminate annoying odours such as cigarette smoke and germs.

The Klarstein device is controlled either via six self-explanatory buttons on top of the housing or conveniently via the small, round remote control. A light display indicates the selected settings in easily understandable pictograms. With both the control panel and the remote control, the timer can be programmed and be set at half-hourly intervals with an automatic shut-off after a maximum of 7.5 hours.

Available colours: white.

Please note that the device is not a conventional air conditioner but an air cooler. The cooling effect is provided by evaporation of water / ice from the water tank of the device.

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Features and functions

4-in-1 device: fan / air cooler with additional humidification and purification functions

Economical in use, only 45W power consumption

500m³ / h air flow - ideal for medium to large rooms

Switchable oscillation at 180 ° for optimum ventilation

4 fixed floor casters for easy moving

Includes remote control for convenient control

Properties & dimensions

Main colour White
Width 28 cm
Height 95 cm
Length / depth 28 cm
Cable length 1.75 m
Weight 6 kg
Product Type Humidifier, Air purifier, Air cooler
Noise emission in db(A) re 1pW 57.6 dB
Capacity 6 Ltr
Power consumption 45 watt
Air volume flow (max.) 500 m³/h
Power supply 220-240V~ / 50Hz

Download user manual

Skyscraper Ice 4-in-1 Air Cooler Fan Remote Control

Delivery & shipment

What will be delivered
  • 1 x device
  • 2 x cooling packs
  • 1 x remote control (incl. button cell)
  • 1 x English user manual (other languages: German, Italian)

Ready for shipping | Delivery time: 3 - 5 days

Customer reviews

I bought this in the BLACK colour. Delivered in 4 days from Germany. Everything working ok. Airflow is quite strong and fan not too noisy. With the cooler function ON the airflow is quite cool but not very cold. However I only have one supplied ice pack in the tank at the moment...and the temp is 31c outside! I am going to put a second ice pack in the tank and I would also advise using ice cold water from your freezer to fill the tank. The "knob" to release the water tank is actually a sliding lever on my model and is in an awkward position to release it at the very bottom so you have to get on your knee`s to release the tank. Remote control is useful.I will update this review when I try 2 ice packs and ice cold water in the tank.

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