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Air coolers

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Whether at home or in the office: the further the temperatures rise, the more unpleasant the climate in enclosed spaces becomes. An effective air cooler ensures pleasantly cool air, is easy to handle, saves costs and is good for the environment.

How does an air cooler work?

An air cooler works using the principle of evaporative cooling. The device slowly lets water evaporate from a tank. This removes heat from the air completely naturally, meaning that cold air is created. This cold air is then transported into the room by means of a fan. Neither a loud compressor, nor a polluting coolant are used to achieve the cooling. You only need to regularly fill the integrated water tank with tap water.

What do I need to consider when using an air cooler?

One important factor is the noise level - after all, you still want to be able to play, sleep or work in the same room when the air cooling unit is in operation. To make this possible, most of our models offer a particularly quiet fan level, which doesn’t even cause disturbance in adult’s or children’s bedrooms. The efficiency of the cooling is also important. Some of Klarstein’s air coolers rely on rechargeable batteries or can be filled directly with ice water in order to provide cool air more efficiently and at a lower price. Because water evaporates during the cooling process, the room air can be humidified at the same time. Depending on the model, the humidifier 9 can also be switched off, if required, so that the device can still be used even when humidity levels are slightly higher.

Buy air cooler or air conditioner?

In many situations, an air cooler with water cooling is a cheaper and more environmentally friendly option to comfortably climatise a room. It does not require environmentally harmful refrigerants and works very efficient in direct comparison with an air conditioner. Especially when the air is dry (e.g. in the office), it is worthwhile to buy an air cooler: the device cools with water and humidifies the air a bit at the same time - counteracting the dry ambient air and creates a healthier indoor climate. However, this also means that the devices may not be able to achieve the desired results at high humidity. If the humidity is too high, the air should ideally be additionally dehumidified, for instance with an air conditioner. Disadvantage of the air conditioner: Cooling creates warm exhaust air, which usually has to be transported through a hose to the outside. In contrast, an air cooler works without exhaust hose. This is because these devices do not produce any warm exhaust air. A portable air cooler can thus be placed anywhere in the room - a portable air conditioner on the other hand must be placed in such a way that the exhaust hose can be directed towards the outside via a window for example.

Can I use an air cooler during winter?

It sounds illogical at first, but yes: the devices can improve the indoor climate even in winter. Not just our best air cooler can serve as a pure humidifier without cooling. In winter, humidity regularly drops to its lowest point. As a result, skin and mucous membranes dry out faster, which then may lead to itchy skin, brittle lips or a dry throat for instance. The air cooler with water tank is able to humidify the room air when needed and thus contribute to pleasant indoor climate even in winter.

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