Metrobreeze 9 New York City Air Conditioner

White , 9.000 BTU
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Metrobreeze 9 New York City Air Conditioner

Product description

The Klarstein Metrobreeze 9 New York City Air Conditioner provides clear, cool air on hot summer or dry winter days, and ensures a pleasant room climate with its fan and dehumidifier. The device boasts a powerful yet fuel-efficient compressor for air cooling. With 9000 BTU or 2.65 kW equivalent power, the Metrobreeze 9 New York City is in energy efficiency class A, and is therefore suitable for continuous operation.

Using the control panel located on top of the unit, you can adjust the air conditioner according to your preference between 17-30° Celsius, depending on whether you want it a little warmer or cooler. An internal temperature sensor ensures that the Metrobreeze 9 New York City operates only when the ambient temperature is above the desired target temperature. In addition to a fan, cooling can be activated with three speeds in order to optimally distribute the air in the room. A connectable oscillation moves the horizontal slats up and down to control the outflow, improving the distribution of air. To further enhance the indoor climate, a dehumidifier may be switched on, removing excess water from moist air quickly to a built-in water tank, which can hold up to 1.9 litres of water (about 45 litres a day). Once the tank is full, the dehumidifier is disabled and a warning LED alerts you to the need for emptying the tank.

The timer function of the Klarstein air conditioner may be set to automatically turn off the device after a specified period of use, or to turn on the air conditioner after a set period of time. This allows you, for example, to set your Metrobreeze to cool your home on a hot day so that you can come home to a temperature-controlled environment without having to leave your air conditioner running all day. All functions may be conveniently controlled via the included remote control, which features an easy-to-read display.

Installation of the 4-in-1 air conditioner is very simple, and may be accomplished using the included window mounting material. So that you don’t have to make any unexpected additional purchases, the Klarstein Metrobreeze features a complete window sealing set that is easy to install and may be dismantled without a trace at the end of the season. Thanks to its tightly fixed rollers, the air conditioner can be easily moved and is therefore very versatile.

In addition to performance, the Klarstein Metrobreeze 9 New York City convinces visually in any installation site. The elegant plastic housing with white front panel and grey back exudes a luxurious charm and works perfectly with both modern and classic living and working spaces.

Figures according to Directive 2002/31/EC and EnVKV:

Supplier's trade mark: Klarstein.

Model identifier of the device: 10028190.

Energy efficiency class: A.

Annual energy consumption (calculated at total power consumption multiplied by 500 hours per year in cooling mode at full load) in kWh: 1080 kWh.

Cooling capacity (cooling capacity in kW in cooling mode at full load): 2.65 kW.

Energy efficiency ratio (EER) of the appliance in cooling mode at full load : 2.65 kW.

Device type (cooling only, cooling / heating): cooling.

Type of cooling system (air cooled, water cooled): air cooling.

Noise during standard operation: 62 dB (indoor) - determined in accordance with Directive 86/594/EEC.

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Properties & dimensions

Air conditioner with 2650 watts of power and energy class A

Different modes such as cooling, fan and dehumidifying

LED display and easy-to-understand control section with symbols

Fully mobile thanks to four 360 ° movable floor casters

Includes window sealing set & exhaust pipe

Dehumidification capacity: 1.9 l / h ≈ 45 l / d

Properties & dimensions

  • Cooling capacity: 9000 BTU / h (~ 2.6 kW)
  • Adjustable fan speed (slow, medium, high)
  • Switchable oscillation of the air outlet slats
  • Adjustable temperature between 17-30 ° C
  • Temperature in ° C or F
  • Coverage: approx 15-20m²
  • Programmable timer: 1-24h / 1h steps
  • Sleep mode function
  • Water level indicator
  • Adjustable blades for directing the air flow
  • Maximum length of the exhaust pipe: about 1500mm
  • Colour: white
  • Standby mode
  • On / off switch on the device itself
  • Power control: 2 x AA batteries (included)
  • Power supply: 220-250V / 50Hz
  • 1 x window sealing set
  • 1 x exhaust hose
  • Download user manual

    Metrobreeze 9 NYC Air Conditioner 2,65 KW 9000 BTU/h Timer White

    Delivery & shipment

    What will be delivered
    • 1 x device
    • 1 x remote control incl. batteries
    • 1 x window sealing set
    • 1 x exhaust hose
    • 1 x intake hose
    • 1 x English user manual (other languages: German)

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